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19 January 2012 @ 11:12 pm
Title: Camp Geo
Author: Klaus Schilling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Elementary schoool girl Lulu goes to a summer camp about Geometry and meets Dustin Brooks. Their lives change thereafter.

19 May 2011 @ 07:25 am
Title: uZoey
Author: Klaus Schilling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Zoey Brooks is a college girl in Los Angeles. She is also working for the Californian branch of Mad Style's. Lulu joins the same college later on.
Couples: Lulu Johnson / Mikey Jay, Ryan Laserbeam / Kyla, Vivian (the model from True Crush) / Logan Reese, Maximilian Madigan / Sophie Girard, and many many many many more

07 May 2011 @ 08:20 am
Title: The Chase For Fame
Author: Klaus Schilling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The way of Chase Matthews from a tween kid to a young successful playwright at the Broadway. In New Yoork, he comes to share an apartment with Jimmy Madigan.
People: Lulu/Mikey Jay, Ryan/Kyla, True Jackson/Simon Nelson Cooke (Cookie from Ned Declassified), Stu Laserbeam / Geena Fabiano (Unfabulous), and many many many many more

18 April 2011 @ 09:52 am
Title: True Academy
Author: Klaus Schilling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: True, Ryan, and Lulu go as sixth graders to the Pacific Coast Academy in California. Follows the story line of Zoey 101 with modifications caused by Lulu's, True's and Ryan's decisions.
People: Lulu/Dustin Brooks, Ryan/Pinky aka Trisha Kirby, True Jackson/Olivary Biallo aka Jerry Crony, Stu Laserbeam / Stacey Dillsen

22 May 2010 @ 09:48 pm
6 True Jackson + Keke Palmer icons


     If you guys like, I'll make more next time. :)

Here @ [info]the_windowbird.
20 March 2010 @ 09:39 pm
Hey everyone! Sorry that I've been forgetting to post these lately, life's been a bit hectic and crazy, haha. But, if you were able to tune in, tonight Nick aired the latest True Jackson VP episode, "Saving Snackleberry".

Synopsis: True and Lulu mistakenly arrange for Max to host a dinner party at Ryan's favorite kid-friendly, hobo-themed restaurant. Meanwhile, Jimmy takes over as receptionist while Oscar is on vacation and refuses to let Hibbert perform his job.

Next Episode (Airs April 3rd, 2010): Amanda unexpectedly shows up at True's slumber party, and the evening turns competitive. Elsewhere, Ryan and Jimmy attend a preview screening of a John Cena movie and wind up meeting the action star.

If you watched the episode, discuss away! The episode should be available for download sometime tomorrow (or early Monday).
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19 February 2010 @ 08:46 pm
  • Title: Zoey Turns True
  • Author: Klaus Schilling
  • Rating: PG13
  • Disclaimer: iDont Own True Jackson VP or Zoey 101
  • Genre: Short Story Fluff, Family, Business, Fashion, Science Fiction
  • Fandoms: True Jackson VP, Zoey 101
  • Characters: Zoey Brooks/True Jackson,Dustin Brooks/Lulu,Logan Reese/Dakota North,Vince Blake/Pinky,Lisa Perkins/Jimmy Madigan,Quinn Pensky,Lola Martinez,Amanda Cantwell,Coco Wexler,Ryan Lazorbeam
  • Summary: Dustin Brooks returns lovesick from mathlympic camp. Zoey has to investigate.
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14 February 2010 @ 08:47 am
So, today was SUPPOSED to be the end of the Valentine's Day Fanfiction challenge.

And yet, none of the four people who signed up for the challenge actually sent in their stories.

To say the least, this is fairly upsetting, because I have been working hard to try and get this community active again. It takes a lot of time and effort on my part to get something going, but only I can do so much. I have to have good people behind me in order for things to work. But if y'all just don't care about this comm., then why am I bothering? I am getting really tired of never having my work appreciated.

That being said, I am giving everyone ONE MORE WEEK to write their stories!!! That means that your stories are now due on Sunday, February 21st, by midnight, to be posted on Monday. PLEASE write your stories, guys. They're just one shots. Let's make this a fun event that turned out good after all, ok? :)

PS - And happy Valentine's Day everyone, whether you have a special someone or not. <3
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10 February 2010 @ 01:01 am
Hello all!

Please do not forget about the upcoming Valentine's Day Fanfiction Challange! All stories are due by midnight on February 13th - this Saturday! If you didn't already sign up for the challenge, you still can!

Please go to this post HERE to review the guidelines for this particular challenge.

I look forward to reading all of your stories!!
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19 January 2010 @ 01:14 am
Sorry to drop back by the community only to plug something that isn't strictly TJVP related. But, it's still Danielle Bisutti :) Some may already know this, but she's in a new Christian film titled No Greater Love that releases on DVD tomorrow, January 19, 2010. The movie was shot quite awhile ago, actually right before she started filming season 1 of TJVP if I remember correctly. However, a few problems with the original distributor caused the release date to be pushed back.

Quick Summary: Danielle plays a woman by the name of Heather Baker, whose relationship with her husband turns very tumultuous following the birth of their son, Ethan. Suffering from postpartum depression and feeling like her husband Jeff (Anthony Tyler Quinn) only cares about his business, Heather eventually leaves without any word. 10 years later, Jeff and Ethan have opened up their hearts to a new woman and Jeff is on the verge of proposing when suddenly Jeff, Heather and Ethan's paths all cross. Can love and forgiveness overcome the mistakes Jeff and Heather made when they were younger or will they put their marriage behind them for good?

Thanks to the overwhelming response to this movie in regards of fans on Facebook and elsewhere, Lionsgate has even allowed the production company to post the first half hour of the film on the website! So, if anyone's interested they can check that out here: www.nglmovie.com/30_mins/30_mins.html Or you can check out other things like pictures, production videos, etc. on the full official website: www.nogreaterlovethemovie.com/index.html

Danielle Bisutti stated today on Facebook that several TJVP fans were helping promote the film on her behalf, so that's why I thought I'd do my part and promote here as well :)

I should note, that this is also already available on iTunes for those interested. Also, I'm not sure how long the producers will keep up the 30 minute clip, so my apologies if it's already gone by time you see this post.
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17 January 2010 @ 10:36 am
It is time once again for our episode discussion! Sorry it's a little late - yesterday was a crazy and hectic day for me, and this is the first chance I've really had to post it... But please, feel free to give us your thoughts on the episode - what you liked, what you didn't like, mistakes, silly bits, new assumptions, whatever!

Synopsis: Max must report to detention at True's school after he eats a flash drive containing her homework. While he is gone, he puts True in charge of the office, but then the fire marshal comes and shuts down Mad Style. Meanwhile, Ryan tries out for cheer leading to get revenge on the squad for kicking Kelsey off of the team.

Next Episode (Airs January 30th, 2010) - Little Buddies: True, Lulu and Ryan are each assigned an incoming freshman to mentor for the day.
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Whooo! Calling all fanfiction writers! We are going to have our first official community event!

Mad Style would like to present to you our very first challenge... Mad Style's 'Love Is In The Air' Valentine's Day Fanfiction Challenge!

What is it? Well, from now until Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2010, you can write a one shot piece using any pairing of your choice with a romantic / fluff / Valentine's Day theme. What you write is up to you - we only ask that it have romantic implications in some way. It doesn't have to be directly related to Valentine's, or fluff, or over the top romance - just anything that would be based on a couple (or couples) of your choosing. Like I said, you can use any pairing you like, and yes, OMCs and OFCs are allowed, too.

All stories will be due on February 13th, 2010. Please send me a confirmation email at ARIZONAOCELOT@AOL.COM when you have finished your story, so I know you're all done! You don't have to wait until the 13th to email me - email me as soon as your story is finished so I can make a list.

If you are thinking about or are interested in participating, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST and let me know!! Just write a short comment, and tell me what pairing you are thinking about writing. This is just so I have a basic idea of how many people are going to be entering the challenge, and what (who) they will be writing.

If we get enough people to join the challenge, we will turn it into a contest as well and give away small prizes for say 'best Max/Amanda fic' or 'best Ryan/True' fic, or whatever comes up. But this is only if we get enough participants - so you should definitely join, and get some of your friends to join the community and to enter the challenge, too!

Remember, these stories are one shots, and hence are not meant to be a stressful big long story. This is a fun event to be able to express your passion for your favorite pairing(s). And you'll have an entire month to complete your story.

On Valentine's Day, February 14th, you will post your story to the community. Please do not post it beforehand!

Just to clarify a few things, here are the very basic rules of the challenge:


1. All stories MUST be one shots. No multi-chaptered fics, please. Your stories may, however, be divided into parts and sections, so long as you can still post the whole thing at one time.

2. All stories must be at least one page long, single-spaced (or two pages, double-spaced). Otherwise they would be considered more like drabbles.

3. As they are one shots, they should be kept shorter. We are saying to please not go over 25 pages (single spaced).

4. All stories should have a romantic theme of sorts. It doesn't have to be fluff, but there should be a pairing involved in some way. (Yes, adult content is allowed, too.)

5. You may use any pairing you like! You can even use multiple pairings. OFCs and OMCs are allowed, too. (And for anyone interested, yes, you can use Ryan / Amanda, too. Just be sure to read the rules on posting Ryan/Amanda fic. :) )

6. Please email Diane at ArizonaOcelot@aol.com when you are finished, so she knows you're going to enter.

7. Please post your story on Valentine's Day, February 14th!

8. HAVE FUN!! :-D
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Episode discussions are back! The next episode - True Drama - airs this evening. If you've watched the episode, let us know your thoughts! What did you like? What didn't you like? Favorite part? Find any errors? Have any rumors to share, or guesses to make on things to come in the future? Let us know, post away in the comments!

Synopsis: Ryan joins the Drama Club in order to win Kelsey’s heart and winds up becoming the director of the school play. True and Lulu are excited to have Ryan direct since he’s casting Lulu as the lead and True as the costume designer; however, things quickly go awry when Kelsey begins to act like a diva. In the name of love, Ryan gives Kelsey the lead and fires True so True makes a deal with the incorrigible Pinky Turzo (McCurdy), to plot revenge.

Absent: Ron Butler (Oscar), Greg Proops (Max)

Next Episode (Airs January 16th, 2010) - My Boss Ate My Homework: Max must report to detention at True's school after he eats a flash drive containing her homework. Meanwhile, True and Lulu sneak into their closed office building to get a design they need.
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09 January 2010 @ 05:09 pm
Today is Ashley Argota's 17th birthday! Happy birthday, Ashley!! She plays Lulu on the show. Why not post your favorite tidbits, quotes, pictures, etc. of Ashley Argota / Lulu in celebration? :)

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